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Dog Bite Lawyer Case Results


As a Dog Bite Lawyer, I won a significant dog bite case result on behalf of a ten year old boy who was severely bitten in the face playing football in the back yard of the owner’s home.  The Pit Bull was leashed to a tree but the metal d-ring of the dog’s collar pulled open resulting in the leash becoming unhooked.  After I settled a claim on behalf of the young boy through the dog owner’s homeowner’s insurance policy for $295,000, I pursued a a second claim brought against the manufacturer of the dog collar that failed.. This resulted in a an additional settlement of $237,500.  The scarring to the minor boy’s face was extensive.

Facial Dog Bite


A three year old girl was bitten in the face while playing along a public sidewalk.  The dog was owned by 17 year old boy but I was able to purse a claim against his grandmother’s homeowner’s insurance policy resulting in my winning a recovery for the girl of $125,000.  The bites above her lip and near her eye fortunately healed as well as could be expected.

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