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Defective Product Liability Lawyer in Lancaster PennsylvaniaIn Lancaster, Pennsylvania, product manufacturers are required to design and produce safe products to avoid injuring users and consumers.  A product or machine can be faulty by design including poor labeling or warnings and it can also be faulty for something that occurred during the manufacturing process.  If you or a loved one have been wrongfully injured or killed by a defective product or machine, call me, Joseph Monaco, Lancaster Pennsylvania Product Liability Lawyer, to learn your rights including the award of monetary compensation.

Every type of product needs to be safe for its intended uses.  This can range from simple items like toys or car seats to more complex products like autos or industrial machinery.  With an ever increasing demand for products worldwide, too often shortcuts are taken to increase profits at the expense of consumer safety.  Plus, complications may arise when a single product is manufactured or assembled in multiple countries such as China and Mexico.


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